hollie hughes

I am a Children's Author based in Essex, England. This is a blog about my life and work but, more often than not, about anything and everything else that occurs to me! I sometimes publish short stories, flash fiction and poetry for adults here too . . .

Month: January, 2016


When cosy at home,

or out in the rain,

sometimes a rhyme,

just pops in your brain!


You need to write it down,

to let it out again –

or that popping, rhyming, earworm,

will drive your brain insane!




Sometimes you like the look,

of a freshly printed book,

and you want so much to try it –

but you can’t afford to buy it.


Nevermind, you see,

you can read that book for free,

in your snugly, kind,

gym for minds –

local library.