by holliehughes

At the blue zoo, everything is blue . . .

When stuck in the queue, the sky is blue.

Come rain, come shine, come snow, come hail,

There is only one colour – be it dark or pale.

Look down at your feet; you’ll see a blue street.

Blue bushes, blue trees, blue birds, blue bees.

Once inside, you’ll be surprised,

’cos what soon becomes evident, are the bright blue residents . . .

At the blue park, plays a blue aardvark.

In the blue shop, lurks a snappy blue croc.

And, not to be outdone by the blue alpaca – in his bright blue, sky blue, blue pacca-macca –

a blue mere cat, models a blue top hat.

A blue gnu sits on a blue loo.

Oh no!  Let’s hope he’s not doing a blue . . .

Watching a blue bear balancing on a blue chair,

a blue scaly snake takes a well-earned break.

Down at the blue pool, looking incredibly cool,

a slippery blue seal savours a fishy blue meal.

And a cerulean blue lion, incredibly strong,

strums a guitar to a blue, blue song.

Just joining in, there’s a hell of a din,

as a blue cockatoo makes a right blue hullaballoo.

At the end of the day, when it’s getting late,

a blue zoo keeper shuts the big blue gate.

There’s just one thing at the blue, blue zoo – only one thing that isn’t blue.

Look in the blue mirror; you’ll see it’s true, that one un-blue thing, in fact – is you!

Although . . . are you absolutely sure you aren’t blue too?