by holliehughes

My name is Peter Denter –

Peter Denter is my name.

I’m a boy inventor,

and inventing is my game . . .

Today I’ll make a pirate ship –

I’ll build it big and strong.

I’ll have it done by breakfast time,

won’t take me very long.

Next I’ll build a steam train,

like those in days gone past.

I’ll look after it, and polish it –

and drive it really fast!

I think I’ll build a rocket ship,

and fly it to the moon.

All I need is glue and yogurt pots,

and I’ll be finished soon.

I’m going to build a toy machine –

to churn out cars and bikes.

Plus dinosaurs and wiggly worms

  • which everybody likes.

I must just build a tree house,

to play in when it rains.

I’ll have it done by lunchtime –

then I’ll start again!

After lunch I’ll build a robot –

a magnificent machine.

It’s moves will be amazing –

the best you’ve ever seen.

Next I’ll build a castle –

with wood, cement, and stone.

I’ll also need some sticky tape,

to make a lovely home.

I’m going to build an aeroplane,

and fly right through the clouds.

I’ll fly it to a far off land,

with only kids allowed.

I’ll fit it with a parachute,

so I can jump and glide.

I’ll fly right up a mountain top –

and jump off the other side!

Just one more job ‘til teatime

(you’ll find it works a treat).

A micro-monster-cooker-bomb –

to make nice things to eat!

Now tea is done, it’s time for bed

(even though I am not tired).

But Mum says I need a helper

and – I’m pleased to say – ‘You’re Hired!’