by holliehughes

There’s a fury in the forest,

there’s a trembling in the trees.

There’s a shakin’ in the ground,

and a whispering in the leaves.

Stop! Listen!

What can you hear?

I don’t know what is coming

– but it’s coming very near!

I think I see its body,

glinting yellow through the trees.

It’s really getting closer now –

won’t someone help us please?

It’s chewing up the ground,

with great big scooping teeth.

It’s flattening down the undergrowth,

with huge black circle feet.

It’s tearing down our shelter,

smashing through our homes.

Shouting out strange noises,

creaking grunts and groans.

We need to run and hide now

– we’ve got to get away!

Don’t want to leave this place we love

– but really cannot stay!

We need to find a new home,

somewhere safe and sound.

Where the neighbours are more kindly

and there’s more space to go round.

Please do come and see us,

when we’re all settled down.

It’s nice to come and visit,

when you need a break from town.

Though don’t be long, lest we be gone

  • and nowhere to be found.